Undercover Operatives & Indiscreet Bedfellows

Politics and sex often go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, politicians and escorts both have something in common. In both doing their jobs, they engage in business transactions that are often dirty and sometimes sleazy. It does not come as a shock that powerful politicians are alleged to have dalliances with upmarket escorts and prostitutes. One can find out more of scandals like this on newspapers, television, radio and the Internet.

Some of the political figures that have this discreet relationship are mostly men seeking the company of men and women. There are also cases where sex scandals are just the tip of the iceberg.

Undercover Operatives and Indiscreet Bedfellows

According to Cosmopolitan, the sexual urges of politicians are at its peak during the election season. In fact, high-end escort services are fully-booked during the primaries. As per the New York Post, gay escorts are raking big cash during the Republican National Conventions. An anonymous escort revealed that the closeted political figures and campaign workers are willing to pay as much as $500 for a “good time”. There is the usual request for role playing, BDSM and other kinks that politicians crave for. However, not all these secret dalliances with prostitutes remain in secrecy. If truth be told, prominent political figures who are linked to sex scandals are either caught in bed with escorts or exposed by these indiscreet bedfellows.

For instance, then-Utah representative Allan Howe was apprehended in 1976 for soliciting the services of sex workers. Little did he know that the escorts he made advances with are undercover police officers. Amidst this scandal, Howe remained in his office.

Another sex scandal that rocked the United States was Donald Walsh’s alleged involvement with a male bawdy house. In 1942, Walsh was tied up with a brothel that is said to be a front for Nazi spies. Some believed that the scandal was a political conspiracy created to tarnish Walsh’s image and besmirch his political career.

In an article from The Daily Caller, an unidentified prostitute disclosed that she has been in bed with several U.S. Senators. One of them is Sen. Bob Menendez. Among her roster of clients include lawyers and lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

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