The Coalition is Using the Pandemic to Restructure Australian Society

The coronavirus global pandemic is providing opportunities for the reforming of societal structures. The coalition is using the pandemic to restructure Australian society wherever possible. Evidence for this is visible in their move to make humanities degrees doubly more expensive than they previously were. Historians, philosophers, and other holders of Arts degrees don’t generally vote for the LNP. The humanities teach human rights and promote tolerance and a pluralistic society – none of these things sit prominently within a conservative government raison d’etre. Science and technology degrees will be cheaper, ostensibly, to promote their uptake by young Australians. The STEM subjects for the coalition are all about jobs and money in their myopic view of the world.

Debilitating Future Generations

Dentists and their dental implants do not threaten the ethos of a conservative world view. Engineers and computer scientists, likewise, are not primarily focused on making a fairer and more equitable society in this country. It is only those with a breadth of vision, like our historians and humanitarians, who can really see and question what our governments are doing. Pricing this view out of the market is an underhand way of debilitating future generations and fits well with the coalition’s methodology. The coalition is using the pandemic to restructure Australian society to its own agender.

Machinations Emerging Out of the Ruins of the Coronavirus Crisis

I see Tony Abbott and the ghost of Bob Santamaria  in these machinations emerging out of the ruins of the coronavirus crisis. The desire to rebuild Australia as a nation of robots making robots via forays into AI fits with these Machiavellian moves upon the levers of higher education. The government will be promoting a mood of lean economic times and a consequent need for Spartan approaches to political thinking. It reminds me of the 1950s – a favourite historical decade of the coalition world view, according to John Howard another former PM.

The Northern Irish leprechaun, QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce, has got out the Roundup and slashed 6, 000 jobs from the airline. The livelihoods of ordinary Australian mums and dads have been eradicated like weeds in this devilish cost-cutting prune on the national carrier. Unions representing these workers were not consulted at any time during this slash and burn. Responsibility for long standing employment relationships bears little weight in the Alan Joyce playbook. This is another example of the coalition using the pandemic to restructure our Australian society via their friends in the private sector. Stay tuned for more examples of these far-reaching activities changing our communities and our nation.

Updated: 2020-06-26 — 4:36 AM
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