Jobs that Buck the System

Anarchy or anarchism is a word that is often misconstrued due to its association to chaos or disorder. Anarchists are not pro-violence, but are really against any form of control or domination. They also repudiate bureaucracy and capitalism, which pretty much govern how things work today.

Anarchists also choose to avoid being part of the corporate system. They are for self-management where people can sort out their lives via cooperative processes. For instance, engaging in liberating jobs or any non-corporate work. Here are examples of jobs that buck the system:

  • Corporate Lawyer

There is a never-ending need for corporate lawyers. Anyone who has a law degree can definitely land a job. If you are going to think of it, there are a lot of job openings for lawyers, but quite a few for gifted poets. This does not mean that nobody wants to be a poet, but it’s just that rich people want a lawyer in their pockets. This illustrates that the market dictates the trend, which is partially based in the capitalist economy.

  • Politicians

Using their power, politicians influence the market at the expense of enslavement of most company employees. Politicians also accept bribes to establish a working system or society where they can siphon off more things for their benefit. A lot of people also end up devoting most of their time working for them.

  • Chief Information Officer

Technology facilitates almost everything today. As such, a Chief Information Officer creates strategic goals for the company and supervise the implementation of such technology. They usually report to the CEOs, and make a one hell lot of money. The irony is that they are technically useless in a sense that cloud technology makes their job easier.

  • Escorts

Escorts are different far different from street sex workers. The former are “supervised” by an agency or a higher up ‘Madame’, while the latter toil the street on her own volition. Escorts can be considered as a freelance work, but there is still bureaucratic BS that completely governs the whole sex work.

  • Traditional Corporate Slave

Corporations function the same way as a socialist economy. Corporate slaves are renumerated with the same amount as everyone else in the company. What’s worse is that career advancement ain’t that easy due to the strict criteria imposed by the company. More so, everyone works like a robot. They do what their boss tells them to do.

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