Independence: A 21C Chimera

The older I get the less hopeful I am of society reaching a true state of independence. I can hear the young shout out, “that’s your problem old man! Getting old is the real danger. The fight goes out of the oldies as they approach their finishing lines.” I hear these youthful voices in unison, crying out fiercely these bold statements. Independence: A 21C chimera, seems to me never clearer in the current climate. Donald Trump, as President of the USA, is probably more honest than any preceding leader in declaring the position of power on the world stage.

Foreign Aid is Linked to Coercion

Nations are interlinked in a series of hierarchical relationships down the food chain of international politics. Foreign aid is linked to coercion, with richer countries forcing poorer nations to tow their line or risk going without. Economic exploitation has followed postcolonialism into the world of multinational corporations directing the domestic goings on in third world countries. Human rights are being transgressed in the search for safer and larger profits in Africa and elsewhere. Local people are being pushed to the edges and marginalised in their own territories. Dictators and corrupt regimes have been overwhelmingly supported by agencies like the CIA and their international equivalents in China and elsewhere.

We Forget to Look in the Mirror

Standing up to the bullies in the playground is never easy; and in the 21C on the world stage, it has reached toxic levels. We wonder why we still see this behaviour in our schoolyards and conveniently forget to look in the mirror. New solutions are called for, but will technology ever, really, replace scruples and morals, I don’t think so. Professional sport and its obsession with winning, shows us what our real concerns are for. The corporate world is run by sport’s mad macho dudes, who want to take down their opponents.

Guns Aren’t Built to Bring People Together

Independence is a 21C chimera, in all fields and across all levels. The military don’t want a draw. Guns aren’t built to bring people together. Companies don’t invest in poorer nations, without ensuring that they will benefit economically. The World Bank and the IMF are run by a bunch of bankers, their overriding concern is making profits for their investors. The world is an increasingly unfair place, it is not getting fairer or more equitable, quite the reverse.

Updated: 2018-06-11 — 4:11 AM
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