Category: History

The Coalition is Using the Pandemic to Restructure Australian Society

The coronavirus global pandemic is providing opportunities for the reforming of societal structures. The coalition is using the pandemic to restructure Australian society wherever possible. Evidence for this is visible in their move to make humanities degrees doubly more expensive than they previously were. Historians, philosophers, and other holders of Arts degrees don’t generally vote […]

Corporate Entertainment in Asia

Corporate entertainment industry has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business. This is not any different across the world if the surge in the number of corporate entertainment business in Asia is anything to go by. For companies in Asia, this is certainly good […]

A Short History of Mining and Mining Equipment

Generally speaking, mining denotes the extraction of geological substances and minerals from the world, from seal or a stone. Now mining recovers different components as such substances aren’t grown, artificially created, or agriculturally processed. Outstanding models are coal, precious metals, diamonds, and gold. Non renewable sources including oil, natural gas, and water are also mined. […]

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