Ethical Sourcing and the Positive Effects

Ethical sourcingEthical sourcing is now a practice done by many enterprises; both big and small. The call for sustainability as well as a more human approach in business is now louder than ever, as the demand for a better world is getting higher as well. Fair wages, proper working hours, and maintenance of dignity are three of the biggest factors when it comes to the concept. This is a stark contrast to how things were back in the old days when slavery and human trafficking were accepted by society. It is nice to know that business leaders are taking the initiative to not go back to the dark ages.

Fostering positive partnerships

A lot of industries are now taking on ethical sourcing since they all want to create a bigger positive impact with their actions, as they know that they have a huge influence on society. Back in 2012, Walmart has decided to only source their goods from businesses that practice fair wages and sustainable methods in an attempt to lead the way towards a more sustainable future. Additionally, they have categorized their suppliers working conditions, and if they fall short – Walmart won’t acquire with them. The idea here is that they are fostering partnerships towards the greater good.

Starbucks as an influencer

Starbucks has also included Corporate Social Responsibility on their list of core values. They are known to provide livelihood and good working and living conditions to the small time farmers who produce their coffee beans. It is reported that 99% of their coffee beans are via their beneficiaries. This is part of their sustainable efforts and they have committed to take this further, and to be responsible as market leaders. From harvesting to trading, the coffee giant has guaranteed that they are ethical in every step of the way. With this said, they still impose that all productions must be at par with their quality standards.

The coffee giant’s efforts prove to be highly influential as small farmers now have the encouragement to get big. This is an empowering move for those who are struggling down below, as not all have huge enablers who help them make it big. This lessens the divide between giant enterprises and SMEs, as the two are working together for the benefit of each other. Hudson Linderberger of Men’s Journal has mentioned that this kind of set up “changes up the supply chain” altogether, as it becomes more collaborative and susceptible to growth on both parties.

Recognizing their huge role

Ethical sourcing is shaping the business world as the importance of taking consideration of humanitarian and environmental factors is bigger than ever. Companies are now more mindful about the effects of their decisions, and this is good, because the risk of creating a negative impact on the world will be lessened. Companies now recognize how huge their role really is, and now they are taking initiative and control of how they can make the future better for all of the people in the world.

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