Cooking Up Food for Thought


How does that old saying go? ‘An army marches on its stomach.’ Freedom fighters everywhere must have sustenance to keep them in the fight. Ideas are very powerful things, which can change the world. But you must feed the body that holds that idea inside its mind. Strong bodies are needed to overcome entrenched resistance. Life and liberty are predicated on both bread and courage. You cannot have one without the other. Recipes for the Revolution is one of my favourite cook books. Eggs Benedict and Lenin scones are a great match for a hearty breakfast.

Cooking Up Food for Thought

The kitchen is at the centre of every home. Kitchens inside the houses of social activists are no exception. It is here that plans are made and campaigns hatched. Cooking up food for thought around the kitchen table. Swapping Che Guevara stories and recipes from famous farragoes. Sometimes, it may only be a soup that we share together, prior to the impending battle for social justice and freedom from oppression. Every sip from that spoon bonds us together like soldiers at the front. Our eyes glued to each other and the passion rises like steam around us.

There is always one great cook among the group. One chef for one soup. This is why a well-designed kitchen is important to every revolution. The culinary artist must have room to move. To rattle those pans and dance among the flames. Bench space is a prerequisite. Great kitchen cabinet designs are another bare essential. Rebellion is fed in the kitchen. This room at the centre of all things must be large and spacious. It must have a window that looks out into the world. It is a steamy retreat from the battle lines. A place to refuel before another charge.

When choosing a centre or building for an anarchist group, always check out the existing kitchen first. If it does not measure up to these stated requirements, then, renovate, or choose an alternative location. Don’t put up with second best, because that is what the fight is all about anyway. Overcoming the institutionalised oppression and injustices. Overturning the traditional tables and starting something new and fair. When cooking up food for thought, remember that army marching on its stomach. Stick fast to your principles and gather around that kitchen table, brothers and sisters. Viva la revolution. Can you taste the victory of success?

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