Civil Disobedience: Why Political Activists Willingly Go to Jail for Their Beliefs

anarchy1Civil disobedience really has been the favorite approach to encouraging small or no government in New Hampshire, along with different elements of the U.S., for years. I’ve been fighting with this particular theory for quite a while. All of a sudden, in a hungover and paranoid good time of clarity, I believe I got it.

The purpose of civil disobedience is communicating.

Let me continue to milk the Matrix-is-a-metaphor-for-the-21st century cow. We’re born slaves. If we are male, the end of our member may be cut off… for our own “well-being”, or because that is what God desires. Within weeks, our parents would have likely taken us to a temple of some kind where we’re lifted into the air before friends and family as well as a public apology made for our very existence. Unworthiness and our congenital evilness is proclaimed.

To begin with , you have to learn to control your body. You may just discharge waste in places that are authorized. You shout in designated places and may just cry. You have to lie down and try and sleep at times that are given. Then, you learn to not see your head being controlled. You may just talk at designated times to friends and family. You go to sleep, outside of designated areas and times, or may not laugh, cry or yell. You need to use your “indoor voice”. You have to learn to walk single file. You need to follow directions, whatever they might be. Should you not, you’ll be defeated and/or drugged.

Youth prepares you for maturity, at which point you’re anticipated to be a slave that is productive. (In true Orwellian style, the State will refer to you personally as a “consumer” rather than a “company”.) Have kids, and stop up them quickly into the Matrix… or they’ll be taken off your attention.

Treat agents quite gingerly. Much as present a physical danger to one of them, and your look will be quickly teasered or shot. I do not mean to denigrate any of these actions; I applaud agents. But the essential fact do not alter that you are a SLAVE. You may decide to participate in electoral politics, helping others to do this or running for office. Writing bills, or fighting with invoices. This strategy is loved by the State. You expend income, your small time and vigor in an absolutely ineffectual effort to replace several low level bureaucrats with somewhat less prohibitive people. Finally, nothing alters. Everyone you know, and you, stay a SLAVE.

There’s just one method to kill the Matrix: unplug enough of the people that feed it. Paradoxically, no one is able to unplug. All types of evidence could be placed in front of the eyes of someone, but there is nothing you can certainly do about it when they choose not to see it or to understand its implications. All you are able to do is get your pirate sign out there, over and over, and trust that it will be heard by enough people, and will listen.
Which brings me back (eventually!) to civil disobedience. I have written before and it does not appear to be a good time to me to hang out in jail; coping with paperwork, paying fines, and sitting in court does not seem all that great, either. Those of my buddies who by choice tweak the noses of Representatives in a variety of methods to get themselves arrested ‘ve baffled me. Civil disobedience is self destructive, giving a bit of your own life that is valuable for others’ advantage. That is a charitable interpretation; a less non-profit one is that many people derive teenage enjoyment out of sticking it to “the Guy”, obtaining a buddy to film it, and expecting they look cool when it is posted on You Tube. And some folks just let their good sense overwhelm getting themselves into trouble. The monk who set himself on fire to protest the treatment of Buddhists by the Vietnamese government is among the planet ‘s most well-known civil disobeyers; his picture is now iconic. A man who shot such picture of that episode won a Pulitzer. However, the monk himself is, you understand… dead today.

Why do it? A well-performed action of civil disobedience is a pirate program. It sends out a message into the Matrix, which some will find, as well as a smaller amount will hear. It reflects a light in the Matrix itself, empowering those ensnared within it to find its imperceptible net that is clinging. It reminds the audience, if just for an instant, that something as insignificant as failing to make use of your “indoor voice” can lead to ludicrously excessive punishment. It makes the audience wonder what life may be like outside of the Matrix.

Productive… not!

I am not about to rush out as well as fight with a Representative; I’m no Trinity. Call me craven, but I completely intend to run (pay, bow, kneel, whatever it requires) to prevent being caged or becoming teased. But I also think to find a solution to improve the pirate sign, to make myself useful and, hopefully, free the thoughts of at least a couple more folks.  I would rather lead people from the heart and free them peacefully.

Wake up.

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