The Coalition is Using the Pandemic to Restructure Australian Society

The coronavirus global pandemic is providing opportunities for the reforming of societal structures. The coalition is using the pandemic to restructure Australian society wherever possible. Evidence for this is visible in their move to make humanities degrees doubly more expensive than they previously were. Historians, philosophers, and other holders of Arts degrees don’t generally vote […]

Independence: A 21C Chimera

The older I get the less hopeful I am of society reaching a true state of independence. I can hear the young shout out, “that’s your problem old man! Getting old is the real danger. The fight goes out of the oldies as they approach their finishing lines.” I hear these youthful voices in unison, […]

Cooking Up Food for Thought

  How does that old saying go? ‘An army marches on its stomach.’ Freedom fighters everywhere must have sustenance to keep them in the fight. Ideas are very powerful things, which can change the world. But you must feed the body that holds that idea inside its mind. Strong bodies are needed to overcome entrenched […]

Jobs that Buck the System

Anarchy or anarchism is a word that is often misconstrued due to its association to chaos or disorder. Anarchists are not pro-violence, but are really against any form of control or domination. They also repudiate bureaucracy and capitalism, which pretty much govern how things work today. Anarchists also choose to avoid being part of the […]

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